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In April 2018, the MVHS Steel Drum 2 Ensemble was invited to Cal State Long Beach.  They performed for a collection of students who are studying to become future music educators.  The goal was to show these new teachers what can be done with an innovative high school music program.

Our Music

Student Directed Learning & Creation

Did you know there is a very limited selection of steel drum music?  All of the songs performed by these ensembles are chosen and arranged by students.  Ms. Fennell teaches and guides their choices, but ultimately their music is arranged and created by the students.  Incredible ownership of learning!

If a student wants to play a trombone, no problem!  Harmonica or accordian?  No problem! All instruments are welcome and arranged into the performances.  If a student wants to express themselves by singing? That's great - they work it in!  Maybe a ‘mash-up’ of two favorite songs?  Why not - go for it!  The sky's the limit.