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Student Directed Learning & Creation

Did you know there is a very limited selection of steel drum music?  All of the songs performed by these ensembles are chosen and arranged by students.  Ms. Fennell teaches and guides their choices, but ultimately their music is arranged and created by the students.  Incredible ownership of learning!

If a student wants to play a trombone, no problem!  Harmonica or accordian?  No problem! All instruments are welcome and arranged into the performances.  If a student wants to express themselves by singing? That's great - they work it in!  Maybe a ‘mash-up’ of two favorite songs?  Why not - go for it!  The sky's the limit.

Creativity at it's best!

A fantastic story from the Spring 2016 concert

The Steel Drum kids love playing music by Tool. There's only one problem - the band doesn't release their scores. So... Alexander Goodman (their amazing lead guitarist from 2014 - 2016) spent 5 weeks of his senior year listening to the song over and over and scoring each and every part of this BY EAR!!! He wrote all the individual parts and the musicians learned the song in just 3 weeks!  Not to mention this it was an incredibly difficult piece with the syncopation and constant time changes.

Our Music

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